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Critical Support Contract Programme

Our critical support help line is manned 12x7 throughout the year. (08h00 to 20h00, Mon to Sun). This provides a point of contact so that if your system fails, someone will be on hand to guide your staff through the essential processes to get the system up and running again.

Sit back and watch as we take over your problem, and rectify it remotely from our Help Desk. Simply logon to our site using your web browser, and support takes control of the system, corrects any fault, and restores your system software back to perfect operation.    

Our Critical Support Program includes weekday operational advice and maintenance support, as well as staff training. There is no case limit and you may submit an unlimited number of cases per individual or per account.

Government Passport Checkers

New Zealand Passport Office : Click Here

UK Online checker : Click Here

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Passport Software Support and Upgrades Program

Support on ID Passport Express is available Mondays to Fridays between 09h00 and 17h00. 

As a holder of the Support and Upgrades contract you are entitled to free upgrades of the Passport software as well as our comprehensive weekday support. This includes help with the software, staff training, and re-installation of your  PC is changed or new hardware is added.

As a contract holder there is no charge for this service, however if you do not have the support and upgrades contract there is a fee for this service.