Sony has discontinued their pro photo printer range
Media is now manufactured by DNP under "Fotolusio" branding

Sony UP-DR200 Key Features:
  • Matte and Gloss on same media
  • 6"x4" and 6"x8" (or 3.5"x5" and 5"x7") on same media
  • Small footprint:  280(W)x 366(H)x 459(D) mm
  • Fast print speed:   between 250 and 480 prints per hour
  • Weight: 17Kg
  • Grey Balance adjustment capability
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Auto-loading Mechanism and easy front loading

The UP-DR200 is one of the first products we have come across where customer feedback has been a core consideration in development. This Printer is not only incredibly simple to operate, (for example loading media kits is practically a drop-and-go operation), but it is easy to maintain. Instead of laboriously cleaning heads, rollers and the like, each media kit has a two part cleaning kit, so again a turn-key solution.

    Easy operation with Auto-loading of media    

Easy self-loading
paper roll.

Coloured ribbon
front loading tray.
UP-DR200 Media

Probably the most versatile feature is the UP-DR200's ability to print matte and gloss using the same roll. Combined with the option of printing two 6x4 prints on a 6x8 photo there are a lot of options available. (The Matte print is the best we have seen from any of these latest generation printers.)

The UP-DR200 is the workhorse of the Photo industry, and is used in most of the latest kiosks as well as Sony items like the Snaplab. With the release of the UP-DR200, Sony's competitors have a long way to go. (Media pricing is also very attractive.)

print speed ~7.8s
770 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
order# 2UPC-R203PF
print speed ~8s
700 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
order# 2UPC-R204
print speed ~12.5s
400 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
order# 2UPC-R205
print speed ~14.5s
350 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
order# 2UPC-R206
2 rolls per box
Media is available in boxes containing two ribbons and two paper rolls each. The box also contains the cleaning sheets for roller and head cleaning, which should be done whenever the media is changed in the printer.
UP-DR200 Downloads
The UP-DR200 connects via USB 2, and drivers are available for most recent versions of Windows, Mac drivers are expected soon.
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