Kodak kiosk tablet 100 - phone and tablet capable


With over 80% of photos taken being on smartphones, the Kodak Tablet kiosk provides a next generation solution to getting these photos printed.

It's novel new approach sees smartphone users using a free App on their phone to print to the Kodak Tablet 100, turning their phones into kiosks! Whilst still providing a traditional kiosk for camera cards and flash drives.

Up to 10 people can be using their smartphones (or tablets)as kiosks to print to a single Kodak Tablet 100 simultaneously, saving the need for costly in-store hardware, or providing a Photobooth operator with an ideal way to capture extra income from a school ball or wedding.

Customers do not have to touch the tablet kiosk at all. They just send directly from their iPhone or Android. The Kodak Tablet comes with a yellow high-visability metal stand (see image below), and this includes a camera card reader for customers with traditional cameras to use it as a traditional Photo Kiosk.

Kodak kiosk - the latest generation of photo kiosk technology
  • Prints from iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
  • In-built camera card reader
  • USB flash capable
  • small footprint
  • Android O/S for super reliability
  • Prints from iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
  • Collages and frames and otherphoto enhancements
  • wireless connection to phones and tablets

Your customers can download apps for their device from Apple iTunes or Google Playstore. These apps link directly to the photos they have on their device enabling them to send their images wirelessly from their phone to the kiosk.

They can even select and manipulate their images on their device at home and then visit your store and print immediatley - freeing up your kiosk for the next customer. Of course, having the app on their phone means that they are far more likely to use it when they want photos, increacing customer loyalty.

To see how simple it is, try turning your phone into a kiosk right now by downloading the app. Either search for "Kodak Create" by Alaris on itunes or Google Play, or use the links below

  Apple   Android  

The Kodak kiosk 100, comes in two configurations:

  • Standard Tablet, Kodak Wi-Fi Hub and printer (as a stand alone system)
  • Tablet, secure Wi-Fi hub, Printer and Kodak Print Hub PC software designed for stores that require the printer to be available on a PC for printing from other kiosks and passport softwares.

When a print job is sent by a mobile device to the Kodak Tablet Kiosk, you can either have it print immediatley (Auto-print) or can use a password to release the job (Manual Release).

Kodak 305 Dye Sublimation Printer (part of the Kodak Tablet 100 Kit)
  • 6x4, 5x7or 6x8 print sizes
  • 600x600dpi max
  • Matte or Gloss on the same media
  • Drivers for WinXp and Win7 (tested working with win 8.1)
  • Speeed: 11 seconds for 6x4
  • Dimensions: 275(W) x 446(D) x 170(H) mm
  • Weight 12kg

The Kodak Tablet Kiosk package includes a Kodak 305 instant printer capable of a print every 10 seconds or so. up to two Tablet Kiosks 100's can be connected to a single printer (20 simultaneous users). Or you can double the print speed by adding a second 305 Printer to a single Tablet Kiosk 100.


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