PhotosLive® is a great new software that does exactly what a kiosk is supposed to do: make orders quickly for customers, and keep things intuitive, freeing up staff to concentrate on sales.

Linking to all Dye Sublimation printers as well as output for Digital labs and Photocopiers, the software has the production versatility needed for most production needs.



Customers can send work from home
Photoslive enables you to distribute the kiosk software itself to your customers so that they can work at home and send the orders to your store. There is no click rate for this option, and a minor licence fee for each home user. (easily covered in a single phoptobook order).

Basic Features
Customers can choose from a range of image enhancement options including,

  • Automatic colour correction and red eye removal
  • accurate colour correction and autocorrect
  • Zoom and crop
  • Add text & captions
  • Border art
  • Specialty frames and calendars (you can create your own as well)
  • Passport photos, plus
  • Special Effects filters such as sepia and black and white

Because PhotosLive is so customizable, you can modify it to suit your own look and feel and change things around for promotions and seasonal occasions.



PhotosLive: Templates Feature
  • Canvas Prints
  • Photo books
  • Multi-page Calendars
  • Scrapbooks
  • Personalized Stationery (eg Business cards)
  • Gifts : Photo-mugs, T-Shirts, mousemats, keyrings ... etc

With PhotosLive templates can be created to suit your needs and current customer demands, so if you have a special event, you can use the optional template creator to quickly make a template that is totally unique. These templates are not limited to books and cards - you can make templates for T-shirts, calendars, or any other item you can think of producing. The easy way of increacing your sales and profitability.


PhotosLive with the ideal Book Binding solution:
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