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Advanced transfers for Mobile Phones andTablets

Photofinale (aka Lucidiom), has extensive ways to get images from your customers media to the kiosk, whether this is by traditional camera cards, USB and CDs or using smart devices it is all here ready to start people printing.

Smart Transfers

  • Cable Connect : Simply plug their smart device into the kiosk with a cable
  • iPhone App: customers download an app and can transfer their images directly to the kiosk
  • Photofinale website transfer: Customers visit the site and directly transfer images.
  • APM kiosk transfer App: an Android based app for transfering images
  • Upload to kiosk via your own branded website
  • Facebook Connect

No Monthly fees

There are no on-going monthly fees for usage of the kiosk software, just a once off purchase - after that you can add extra features like website sales, Lab control and so on if you decide to.

Great Features!

  • Simple, touch screen software
  • Transfer images via cable or wireless from any device.
  • Pull in images from a camera card or Facebook.
  • Integrates with the Photo Finale website.
  • Collect consumer info and sales statistics
  • Import images from social media
  • Import images from Smart devices
  • high level of customisation of products and prcing.
  • Import images from a scanner
  • Add your logo and sidebar ads and customise skin/GIU
  • Image selection and print copy quantity in one step
  • Automatic Red eye correction.
  • Correction for brigtness, shadows and highlights
  • Order all print sizes at once, fine-tune crop for each size
  • Output to any windows based printer or Minilab
  • Available in 18 Languages
  • Compatible win 7, 8 and 10

Upload To Kiosk

  • How it works: Consumer accesses uploadtokiosk.com from their phone. They can use a browser, or a button from within a custom-branded iPhone app. They select photos for transfer and hit submit. Photos go up to the website and the user is provided a code. At the kiosk, the user enters the code and sees his/her photos.
  • Pros: This solution works with any device. Itís simple. Fast transfer.
  • Cons: To avoid cell data charges, users should sign on to the store wifi. You can configure your kiosk to display this information to the user. Some Androids only allow single photo selection. Unfortunately, this is an issue with the OS and we canít alter how that works.