Photo Finale Kiosk Software

Where everything you want is available 

Slick Clean Modern Interface

PhotoFinale's inviting interface is based on experience of year's in the market   with constant development keeping up to date with the latest consumer trends. This kiosk software is what you are looking for to keep returns and capture a bigger market share.

EasyLink Mobile Upload

Looking for a simple solution to get images off phones without having staff teaching customers how to use them?

Easylink  simply sends them a text with a link they can click on which automatically opens the Easylink mobile upload website, where they select their images and click send to kiosk... it's that easy!

Expand your services

PhotoFinale multiple bundles you can add to your kiosk or Photofinale website that enables you to offer unique services such as printed photo masks, photobooks, studio videos and other enhancements to your services. 

A download for Every Media Type 

Changing the face of Photo Kiosks

Photofinale has a simple, touch screen software with a Cloud-managed product catalog  and comes with hundreds of products to offer.

 Order all print sizes at once, fine-tune crop for each size with Thousands of designs for cards, book, calendars and more

PhotoFinale Kiosk software  integrates with the Photo Finale website.  Add your own slides to the intro movie Member account, coupon, and promo engine shared with your website      

Photo Finale gives easy comprehensive management control.

Input and manage images

  • Mobile Phone App
  • Website upload link
  • Easylink Mobile Upload

  • Camera Card
  • USB FLash Drive
  • Flatbed Scanner

With Lab 50 Control

Lab 50 pulls orders from the retailer’s kiosk fleet and website and queues them up for fulfillment, allowing manage order management, reprint and colorit also controls the website and kiosk configurations.

Comprehensive software packages

Photo Finale Retail Platform

Consumers today demand engagement with retailers on every front–in the physical store, online and via mobile. They want control over how they order and expect access to their account from anywhere. The Photo Finale suite of products are fully-integrated to provide consumers with this type of a seamless experience for photo ordering and storage, regardless of channel or device. 

 Our consumer-facing products are white-label, which means they carry your retail brand. Having cohesive solution means that your brand, and the consumer’s account, are in front of your consumer wherever they are–be it in your store, online or on their mobile device. Consumers can start an order at the kiosk and finish it later online…or upload images from a smartphone right into their online account…then pull those photos down later on the kiosk for ordering.

Packages include everything you could need, from custom websites to kiosk software to studio software to mobile apps and lab controller software.