Integrated Kiosk Solutions

Professional Photo Envelopes

Passport Wallets

  1. Pre-printed 6X4 photo envelopes | Photo Wallets
  2. Professional look for passport sales
  3. Dimensions 220mm x 135mm
  4. Each Box contains 500 envelopes
  5. Passport Wallets 100x138mm also available
  6. 6x8 (and larger sizes), and alternative printing/logo available on request
Passport Photo Cutter

Available in NZ 35x45mm and USA 2"x2"


  1. Highly efficient punch cutter to get exact straight edges and sizing
  2. 35x45 mm passport cutter suitable for NZ, Au, UK, and same size passport requirements
  3. 50mmx50mm /2"x2" USA size, passport photo cutter available on request
  4. Dimensions (Approx) 250x100x80mm
  5. Automatically sizes photos as it cuts.
  6. Reduces staff processing time, and increaces productivity
Wall Mounted Professional Pull Down Passport Screen

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Pull-Down Screen


  1. Specially formulated colour backdrop designed to suit most countries passport requirements
  2. Matte Grey format to help reduce shadows
  3. Locking mechanism, holds screen down at length required
  4. Wall or Ceiling mountable
  5. Professional
  6. Available in either 900mm or 1400mm width
  7. 1400mm screen also available in White
  8. Dimensions: 900mm wide x1200mm high (reccomended)
  9. Dimensions 1200mm wide by 1200mm high


Floor Standing Professional Pull Down Passport Screen

Floor Standing Pull-Down Screen with collapsible Tripod Base

  1. Mechanical height adjustment enabling staff to adjust height to suit.
  2. System can be folded up to save space
  3. Cannot be retro-fitted to Wall mounted system
  4. Matte Grey Screen
  5. Screen Dimensions 900mm Wide by 1200 high
  6. Inertial locking mechnism hold screen at length required
  7. Borderless screen
  8. Handy for sites where the location of the screen may be changed.

Budget Roller Screen


  1. Economical
  2. pale grey colour
  3. Width available as 600mm or 900mm or 1200mm
  4. lenght up to 1800mm
  5. Budget version has plastic roller chain
  6. Optional printed roller blind available in Passport Grey and Passport pale blue

Triggered Flash

Triggered Flash to assist in removing shadow issues


  1. The Flash unit fires when you take a photograph using the camera flash.
  2. The triggered flash should be aimed at the screen where the shadow cast by the camera flash is stongest
  3. This secondary flash diminishes the shadow cast by the camera flash usually completely

Baby Passport Kit

Baby Passport Head support and cover

The Baby Passport kit helps overcome the two main issues when taking baby passport photos. The Pillow is designed with side support to keep the babies head facing the camera and help prevent it rolling around. The Blanket provides the correct background colour whilst at the same time helping professional appearance, and keeping the baby off the shop floor.


  1. Passport Grey Baby Blanket
  2. Shaped Pillow to support babies neck, keeping the head from moving when taking passport.