Passport Cutter

Save Time

Professional Cut

Durable hassle-free operation

Customers often expect that little extra from professional sites, like having their passport photos cut to size so they can be easily submitted. The Passport Punch enables staff to quickly cut their passports to size without mistakes.

Simply place the cutter over the print and punch out the photo. The cutters are avaiulable in two sizes, the Standard 35mmx45mm common to NZ, Au and Europe, and the 2"x2" square cut common to the USA.

Passport Punch / Cutter


The Passport Punch is made out of heavy duty steel, and with a robust spring mechanism for cutting. Suitable for high volume and constant daily useage.

Available in

  • 35 mmx45 mm
  • 2"x2"
  • 33 mmx48 mm
  • 40 mmx50 mm

(Lead times may apply on specialist sizes)