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Mobile Party Print

Event Printing for DNP Photo Printers

With party print, you can have customers at an event download the app, and print directly from their mobile phone to the printer - even while you are using the printer for say a photobooth.

The package includes all you need to get up and going : the control software, the licensing and the wifi that enables customers to print directly from their phones - an easy way to increace your turnover at events.

DNP printers only

This software has been designed to work with DNP and Photolusio Printers only.


DNP / Fotolusio Mobile Party Print Package

Printing from Mobile has never been easier, Mobile Party Print gives you the ability to print directly from Mobile to your Fotolusio printer using a free app on a smartphone.

The Mobile Party Print Package consists of:

  • DNP Mobile Party Print Manager
  • DNP Hot Folder utility
  • (Hot folder also enables direct printing from Wifi cameras to printer, usefull for Santa, school Ball and wedding event photographers)
  • Free Apps for customers to download Party Print from Google Play or App store
  • Extended & secure wireless Hub
  • Ability to add customised borders to all Photos
  • Auto Release, or authorised release for Photos
  • Abilitry to limit prints to only photos taken at the event
  • (Only works with DNP and Fotolusio Printers)

How It Works

The Mobile Party print manager and Hotfolder utility are installed on your Laptop/kiosk/Photobooth PC, which is connected to the Wireless hub. Customers download the DNP Party Print app on their smartphone of tablet and connect to the PartyPrint wireless hub. The App (see images below) enables them to select photos and print them directly. You can limit the photos printed to ones that are taken at the time of the event, or allow them to print anything on their phones.

Once the Image is received on your PC, you can enable auto printing, or can have a staff member click the jobs they want to release for printing.

There is also an option for automatically adding borders to all prints done, you can make your own borders (as .png files) and save them for the event. For example a specialised border for a wedding or School ball.

DNP Party Print
Brochure (pdf)   Party Print Manual