Integrated Kiosk Solutions

DNP Mobile Party Print - Print Images from Mobile Phones wirelessly

  • Great for Weddings and School Balls
  • Guests download Android or iPhone app " DNP Party Prints" for free
  • Guests can then send images taken at the event directly to the DNP/Fotolusio Printer
  • Automatically adds borders to their prints
  • No internet needed, only a Wi-Fi hub, and a Windows 7 or 8 PC
  • For more information go to our Mobile Party Print page

Kodak Tablet Kiosk - the next generation of kiosk has arrived!

  • iPhone and Android link via Apps from iTunes and App Store
  • Direct Camera card input
  • USB flash, and phone/tablet direct USB connect
  • Instant print on Kodak 305 Printer, no long waits for internet transfers to take place.
  • Tablet can be used with or without the kiosk stand
  • For more details visit the Kodak Tablet Kiosk Page

ID Photos Pro 6 Released

  • Fast Thumbnail loading with full Previews
  • Photo Archiving Function
  • New Feature: Printer manual and ICC calibration
  • Auto detect new cards insterted in system
  • New Stylish Graphic User Interface
  • For more details visit the ID Photos Pro webpage

Refurbished Equiptment


We have ex trade-in units that are fully refurbished and have a 6 month Warranty
These kiosks have optional PC component upgrades to 2014 PCs

  • HP 22" Kiosk
  • Fujifilm DPC 3 and 8
  • IKS NZPT07
  • Kodak G3
  • Pricing starts from $900

Kiosk Design and Hardware

  • Latest Technology Kiosks
  • Advanced applications
  • Comprehensive support
  • Spec to design kiosks
  • Customisation