A full Photo Kiosk on Every Customer's Phone 

With DNP Printers

Generate Additional Income

With party print, you can have customers at an event download the app, and print directly from their mobile phone to the printer - even while you are using the printer for say a photobooth, The package includes all you need to get up and going : the control software, the licensing and the wifi that enables customers to print directly from their phones - an easy way to increace your turnover at events

The Modern Disposable Camera

Party Print allows event guests to easily transfer photos via Wi-Fi. It’s the modern version of free film cameras on the table. Event guests use their mobile devices to capture memorial “candid” shots. Party Print can be customised: Party Print can add a customised graphical border to each print

A DNP Product

DNP’s Party Print is compatible with DS620, DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 (available separately). The system comprises of a CD-ROM (with installer software, Party Print screensaver & documentation), a software license key, and a wireless router to accept the photos sent from event guests. It works on current PCs

Cash in on the Selfie trend

Inspired People Print More Photos

DNP’s Party Print allows wedding & event photographers to tap into a new source of income from party snapshots. With a PC, a DNP printer and the Party Print system installed on location, plus a free mobile app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), the business potential is huge!;       

Party Print archives all of the images that it prints. So even after the Event the hosts can receive copies of the digital files as an optional extra add on for your business. 

With Smartphone apps for Apple, Android and Windows Devices
You Stay in Control
  • All prints done automatically
  • Prints free up to a limit - this can be per user/ per event or per session. all prints must be paid before they print a number (eg 2) prints are free and print automnatically, any more must be paid before released for printing.
  • Prints restricted by timestamp (you force only images taken at the even to be printed and nothing else)
You look Professional
  • A turn-key solution, just plug in the components and you are ready to go
  • You can customise the images seen on the App on their phone to be specific to the event, so the customer's smartphone shows the image and name of the event they are attending
  • Borders or Logos designed for the event automatically show when they select their image to print on the app on their phone.
Hassle FRee Passport Photos

How it all works

For your customers:
They scan the QR code and download the app directly to their phone. Once installed, it comes up with the logo and images you have setup. They simply take the photos and click print, sending the images over wifi to your PC ready for printing.

For the Operator:
The Wifi Server is plugged into the PC or Photobooth with the Printer connected. Any images and borders for the event are pre-loaded before the event so that at the event you start the EventPrint server and wait for the customers to start sending their prints through. The software also has a screen saver showing the last 50 images sent to it - helping inspire people to get additional images printed.

Full Package System  

The Package contains all you need to get up and running. It includes:

  1. USB dongle licence for the EventPrint Server software
  2. Installation CD with software
  3. Pre-configured Wifi Server
  4. Access to the free app for your customers

Of course, if you need a hand setting things up, just give us a call and we can log in remotely and help.    

Software Only Option

The Package contains all you need to get up and running. It includes:

  1. Software licence for the EventPrint Server software
  2. Access to the free app for your customers

Of course, if you need a hand setting the software   up, just give us a call and we can log in remotely and help.
(Help with your own Wifi Server may be limited, or require support from the supplier you purchase from)