Your Customer's Phone is now your kiosk

Your complete full photo kiosk

Mobile Photo Kiosk is the answer to printing off smart devices, It's comprised of an App for customer's phones and a controller software for your store. Easily configrable to do prints and more and is cloud based, ensuring customers can send their images for printing from anywhere.

You are in control

The Secure downloader software, enables you to manage what happens when orders are received, they can be set to print automatically, or verified against the payment options you setup.

Online payment and Shipping Options

Once a customer has selected which products they would like you to produce, you can set options for Online payment, or instore collect, as well as a wide variety of shipping options. Mobile Photo Kiosk is the complete kiosk in an App.

Print from any location

Your customers can print to your store from anywhere at anytime

With your Store App on their smartphone, customers can order prints from you no matter where they are, whether it is in your store, at home, at an event or even overseas.       

Mobile Photo Kiosk has been designed to make life easy for you and your customers. Customers simply start the app, select their photos and how they want them printed, before placing the order and paying upfront. Photos can be collected in-store or delivered to their homes. Their order is then received by your download controller, and printed when you enable the job.

Smartphone apps for Apple, Android and Windows Devices

With Online Payment, Pay on Collect as well as Ship to Home.

Order photos anytime anyplace

How it all works

For the Customer:
Customers simply download the app, after that they can print from anyware whenever they want, whether in your store, overseas or out on their holiday. Images are automatically uploaded to the web, and downloaded to your store for production.

For the Operator:
The Mobile Photo Kiosk Downloader on your PC downloads the customer images and stores them in the folder you specify for printing.
The Mobile Photo Kiosk Manager is an additional component which enables you to setup graphics and logos, store details, as well as services offered, pricing, Coupons, payment and delivery options.

The Mobile Photo Kiosk has an annual subscription for the store, it is based on the volume of traffic through the web servers. There are no click rates on photos, or charges for customers downloading the app. The base annual charge is NZD499 per annum, The Mobile Photo Kiosk service is valid one year or up to 20 000 sent files (depending on which comes first and unused file transfer are not transfered to the next payment period.) Larger traffic volumes are available.