Info Kiosk

Check-in and Information Kiosk

Industrial build high quality Kiosk

This robust kiosk is built with hard wearing components and well suited to tough and high volume locations.
The Touch screen has the traditional 4:3 ration and which works with new and older kiosk softwares, above it is a mount for a inbuilt camera and below the housing for a label or receipt printer. Optional card readers, DVD drives etc secondary printer can be added to the configuration to customise to suit you exact requirements. The shelf is optional and can be used to house a RF/ MiFare scanner as well as provide an easy use countertop.

Info Kiosk - Options

Fully Customisable

The Touch Screen is astough as they get: antirust、anti-acid、anti-dust, Thickness 6mm

Options Available

  • MiFare or Barcode reader
  • Receipt Printer, Custom TG2480, Patented anti-jamming and anti tear-off systems
  • Or Label Printer : Zebra KR403, 58mm to 82.5mm width labels
  • Handheld EFTPOS Housing
  • Commercial Kiosk EFTPOS housing
  • Left and right bi-channel; amplified output; Multimedia speaker
  • Magnetic stripe reader
  • Optional Metal Keyboard, stainless steel with Trackball
  • Optional Webcam: 5 Megapixels, up to 30 Frames/sec, fixed focus, microphone
  • Other options available on request