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To Renew Your Subscription

please Call (+64) 09 424 1882 or email us

Lifetime Licence

Like all software, new updates to the software are continually being released, and these include new country templates, new layouts to existing countries templates when governments update their specifications as well as new versions of IDphotosPro.

Your IDphotosPro licence does NOT expire!

To ensure your passport software is up to date with all the latest features you are able to purchase an annual Support and Upgrades subscription. This entitles you to use the latest features and the newest release of IDPhotosPro. (Just like updating from Windows 7 to Windows 8). It also gives you access to our email support should you have an issue you need help with. Your software will continue to work without the subscription, but it will become dated and templates may no longer be valid for passports that have had their requirements changed.

Support and Upgrades

Subscription Renewal notice
Support And Upgrades Subscription (Annual)

What it includes:

Access to the latest releases of IDphotos pro, for example if a new version of the software is released you will be able to upgrade to it at no charge.

Ongoing updates to Passport layouts and templates, ensuring that the passport layouts match the latest requirements for that country's passports/visas etc.

Access new features as they are added to the software, IDphotosPro is continually being updated based on customer requests for resources, with the subscription you benefit from the global collective intelligence of all users, and all new needs and uses that they find.

Email support and help from Pixeltech and Integrated Kiosk Solutions.

Access to new features

Purchase / Renew your Support and Upgrades Subscription

To purchase or renew your annual Support Subscription you will need to get a product key-code that you enter into your software which activates the updates. New Zealand Based customers using the NZ Online Passport template need to contact Integrated Kiosk Solutions either telephonically on 09 424 1882 or via email

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