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ID Passport Express uses special advanced algorithms to automatically detect the head, face, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, chin etc. and then instantly corrects the photo by promptly rotating, resizing and cropping the image to fit the passport type required

Passport Wizard

ID Passport Express wizard leads you through 5 simple steps to produce perfect passports. Our tests have found that passports are created in 15 only seconds - far less than the time required by Photoshop or any other software.

Always Correct

with ongoing product development, ensuring your product is always current with the latest changes the global passport requirements

Biometric Face Detection

Automatic Face Detection and Image Validation

ID Passport Express uses special advanced algorithms to automatically detect the head, face, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, chin etc and then instantly corrects the photo by promptly rotating, re-sizing and cropping the image to fit the passport type required.

With over 200 passport and ID photo layouts ID Passport Express enables any site to promote themselves as a professional passport provider.

Every aspect covered with 

Comprehensive Production Tools

Biometric Wizard

Each Photo is automatically aligned, rotated, cropped and adjusted to fit the exact criteria of the selected country, before the the passport template is applied, The Passport Wizard guides through 4 quick steps to produce perfect passport photos

Face detection

The Software automatically detects the key facial features, ears, mouth, nose, chin and other biometric data, which is then analysed against the ICAO Algorithms and checked for suitability.

ICAO Compliance

All Passports are checked against the ICAO standards required by e-passport systems globally. This confirms the image is suitable by measuring items such as teh space between eyes, hotspots, uniform lighting and a host of other checks.

Automatic Image Fail Warnings

Each Photo is automatically checked against the ICAO standards as adopted by the country concerned, and a rejection notice is issued if the photograph is not suitable (eg a smile was detected, or the photo is under exposed). The notice gives suggestions to the user as to what they can do to correct their photography.

Detailed Specifications

Each Passport/Visa has detailed specifications listed for each Country, so staff can easily check what is required and ensure they comply with the regulations for the country concerned.

Always Correct

The Passport software is frequently updated with new layouts and templates as they come out, or as countries change their requirements.

Large Number of layouts

ID Passport Express currently has 281 different layouts from over 81 different countries

Country Specific Templates

Each passport has a unique template specific to the requirements for each country, not only does this size the images to fit automatically, but ensures that the features such as eye position and percentage coverage are precisely as directed by the countries requirements.

All below adjustments can be pre-set to be automatically applied, or manually adjusted with each photo.

Edit Blacks

A favorite with users, adjusting Blacks helps reduce shadowing under the chin or around the eyes due to strong overhead lighting.


Helps reduce shadows in image


Reduction of highlights commonly encounted when photographing bald headed subjects


Helps adjust colours to bring out the Whites clearly (handy when needing a white background)


Adjust the brightness/Gamma of photo - useful for underexposed images


Adjust the Contrast


Sharpens the edges of the image and makes it look more in focus.t


Increase or decrease the colour intensity in the image

Eye Dropper / Auto colour Balance

This is an automated feature to correct light colour issues with photographs commonly caused by the store lighting. By using the eye-dropper to select a white area of the photo, the software will automatically adjust the white balance for the selected area and apply it to the photo. A lifesaving feature for sites that do not have their White balance on their camera adjusted correctly

Colour balance

Manual adjustment of colour channels: Red - Cyan, Magenta - Green, blue - Yellow


Uploads the file to the Secure Storage Server, prints a unique code for customer to access file when applying for digital passport.


E-mails digital passport in correct file size/dimensions to customer and another copy to your business


Prints Passports to attached Windows Printer, any suitable Windows Based printer works with the software. The Software will also export to folder for minilab printing. Multiple layouts available from 1 to 8 photos per print, as well as "certificates of compliance".


Burns a copy of the digital or printed passport to a CD/DVD


Saves file to location specified for sale on USB drive or any drive attached to the PC

Hassle FRee Passport Photos


ID Passport Express has been developed especially for passport and ID photography. This is why it’s one of the fastest and most precise tools on the market today. It takes only 15 seconds from loading an image, to the final passport print.

With most countries now using biometric face recognition technology for passports, there are now stringent requirements for passport photos. So it makes sense to use the same type of technology governments use, to create passport photos for your customers. ID Passport Express is unique in creating biometric passport photos in accordance with ISO/IEC-standard 19794-5, based on the geometric standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) that are used by countries all around the world

Secure Passport Transfer

With the optional Secure Cloud Storage Digital Passports are held on a secure website until downloaded by the customer when doing their online application. Unlike Emailed images these cannot be altered which is why a number of countries including the UK and Ireland  use this method for online passport applications. 

Images on the secure cloud site can be automatically downloaded directly into the online application, or if the country concerned does not use this feature, the files can be downloaded by the customer to their computer.