Pink colour on Passports When using the Hiti Printer

Hiti used DNP to produce it's Paper and ribbon, but last year decided to open their own factory in Vietnam, and from November 2015 Kiwi users have noticed a distinctly apricot coloured hue on all photos printed with the new media.

We have been told that a temporary part-fix is available by updating the HiTi S420's firmware. Our findings are that this only helps reduce the pink/apricot colour, and has an effect of also graduating the background of the image. But since this is the only option other than buying (a far more expensive) printer that doesnt use Hiti media, we have the reccomended fix instructions listed below.

We do not accept any responsibility for damages that occur to your machine if you decide to do this yourself. The best option is to contact your Hiti paper supplier and ask their qualified technicians to do this for you. If you at anystage do this yourself, and switch off the hiti unit before it is updated you run the risk of the firmware not being fully loaded and the printer will never work again.


What you need:


  • A PC running windows Xp or Win7
  • USB to printer cable to plug the Hiti into the PC
  • Internet connection to download the firmware


  • download the latest firmware and windows drivers to do this, go to the Hiti website:
  • in the top left you will see an option "drivers downoad" click it
    1. On the new page, select "update program Windows" in the first drop down list, then select "S420" in step 2 (the second drop down list), the third step will automatically list as Asia Pacific, then click next

  • on the new page click go, and download the driver to a folder on your PC (please read Hiti's instructions and help on this page)

  • When it has been download run (unzip) and put the new folder on your c drive

  • Open this folder and select the driver sub folder, inside that folder run the file "autorun.exe" this will load the S420 driver on your PC.

  • Now plug in the printer and connect the USB cable from the printer to the PC, turn on the printer.
  • Once windows has loaded the new printer do a test print in Windows.

Firmware update:

  1. Once youy have confirmed the test print worked, go back to the downloaded folder and open the "S420_FW_V1.29_AP" folder
  2. Run the file BurnFW-3.8.2.exe
  3. This will list your current firmware and the one that it will be replaced by, you can proceed with the firmware update. please read all information from Hiti regarding how to do the firmware update.
  4. do not turn the PC or printer off before the firmware update is completed
  5. once it has completed you should do a test print to ensure the printer is working
  6. now goto your printer's folder and open the printer, select printer... properties and then advanced, and untick the "from edge only" in the colour settings.

This will get the best result possible until new media becomes available. Your printer can be safely removed from the PC now.

If you have ID passport Photos software you can improve your image more by adding 5 or 10 points of Cyan.




The HiTi Printers connect via USB 2, and drivers are available for most recent versions of Windows.
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