HiTi641 Key Features:
  • 403 dpi True Color Continuous-Tone Printing
  • Dimensions:  329(W)x 404(H)x 383(D) mm
  • Multiple Memory Card Support (CF/Micro Drive/SM/SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO)
  • Dimensions 224 x 210 x 140 mm
  • HiTi LinkPrint technology, Enabling Photo Printing without Computer
  • Inbuilt card readers

HiTi 641PS is an economical solution for passport photos, and directly links to your digital camera and storage devices. You can easily preview and print 4"x6" boarderless photos through bundled LCD Wizard Window.

The technology enables 16.77 Million continuous-tone true colors with 403dpi extraordinary resolution, equal to 6400dpi of the inkjet printer, making the image more refined and detailed.

HiTi 641 Key Features:
  • LCD Controller
  • Inbuilt templates for Passports etc
  • Dimensions:  300(W)x 365(H)x 325(D) mm
  • Print speed:   Approx. 75 sec. per sheet
  • Weight 2.7 / 4 kgs
  • Card reader accepts Smartmedia, CF , MS, SD, MMC, MD
  • PC drivers available

HiTi 641PS features a TFT LCD Wizard Window, enabling photo printing without connecting to a computer. You can select your favorite printing settings from the Wizard Window and print out fabulous photos right away.

Adapters can be used for the inbuilt card reader to accept XD etc.

Media Options:
  • 50 images photo paper kit
  • 50 images sticker kit (choice of 4x4, 4/2/4 or 1x1 format)
  • 50 images Combo kit (Photo paper and sticker)
  • Cleaning kit
(All kits include ribbon and photo paper/stickers)


print speed:
50 sheets per kit
The HiTi Printers connect via USB 2, and drivers are available for most recent versions of Windows.
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