Fotolusio Kiosk Software - Only available with RX1 Printer

Fotolusio kioks software is keyed to the RX1 printer, this software provides full kiosk capabilities enabling customers to edit and print their photos as well as add borders, frames and assorted layouts for their prints. Also in this package is the PC operated Passport Photo Software, which is included seperately from the kiosk software.

Both software require the RX1 printer to be connected to the machine operating the software for printing.



Customers can select whether to load specific files/folders off their drive, this is very helpful when using large flash drives with multiple folders, another option is to search for selected images by date, again reducing operator time on the kiosk.

Customers can choose from a range of image enhancement options including,

  • Multiple layouts for images on prints
  • Stamps/enchancements
  • Accurate colour correction and autocorrect, linked to the printers ICC profile.
  • Zoom and crop
  • Add text & captions
  • Border art
  • Specialty frames and calendars (you can create your own as well)
  • Special Effects filters such as sepia and black and white

Fotolusio Passport Software

Sizes for most countries passport photos are included, and the software automatically places the maximum number of photos that can fit on the print size on the page. Sizes include 35mmx45mm (NZ, AU, UK etc.), 50mmx50mm (USA China etc) amongst a host of other sizes.

Image enchancements include colour, brightness/contrast, resize, rotate etc.and includes an option for 3 pre-set calibtrations. Really valuable if your staff have to correct for in-store lighting issues.


Insert Media
Select Image by Date
Quantities and select for edit
Edit Your Image
Choose Layout
Multiple Images on single print
Stamps and Enhancements
Passport Photos
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