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Event Print

Event Print

Print from Smartphone of Wifi Camera to any Printer.
designed for Photobooth operators and Events but also an ideal way to get images from Phones in traditional Photolabs.

Mobile Phone Printing

Customers download the EventPrint App on their iPhone, Android or Windows Phone or tablet, select their images, and send them to your PC, where they can be set to auto print, or print on staff relase. You can print to any printer including digital minilabs/drylabs.

You can even customise the image that shows on the app to be specific to your company or the function.

Wifi Camera Event Printing

Event print allows multiple wifi cameras to send images to the printer/ print folder. It will also run a screen saver on the PC showing the latest 50 photos it has been sent. Ideal for doing Santa photos or weddings and School balls. (The software uses a hot-folder, and any image sent to this folder will be sent to the printer you specify for automatic printing)

Time Sensitive Printing

For operation at functions, Eventprint can be set to only print photos taken during a time period you specify. At an event like a wedding, you can optionally set this time sensitive printing to anly allow prints taken at the function to go to the printer.


Auto Border Printing

Event print will automatically add a border or text to photos, so you can add your logo, a fancy border and the like when printing photos from the Eventprint app or wifi camera.

Print and Pay

There are numerous options for how received images are authorised

  • Set a limit on the number of prints that will be printed at the function. (This could match the number of prints on a roll of media in your dye-sub printer)
  • Set a partial limit, for example the first 300 prints are free and after that prints must be paid before being released.
  • No limit on prints.
  • Set all prints to have to be paid for before being released.
  • Price can be set to show in the App on the smartphone or tablet.
  • (Payment is not done on the smartphone or tablet)


Event print keeps an up to date report on-screen available to you at a glance to check on who is connected, what is printing, and the print queue. It also shows the number of free prints left for the function operators.

Photo Kiosk link - For Photo Shops

Because you can specifiy the folder that the images are sent to from the app, these can be sent to a specific folder on a non-App enabled kiosk, like Dakis or Phototeller kiosks. This gives you seamless smartphone printing features on older kiosks!

The Eventprint software will enable your photoshop to offer Prints from Mobile phones using wireless, with a customised smartphone App, without a click rate and expense of a new kiosk system.



Event Print
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