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Event Print

The Total Photo solution for Events

Event Print is a newly-designed printing solution for smartphones, tablets and Wifi Cameras. It comes with ready to use business models and allow you to immediately offer new services and get additional income from events.

Cash-in on the selfie trend

Create a new revenue stream from party images that would otherwise just sit on peoplesí smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of the selfie trend, capture and print these images with Event Print. Customers download the EventPrint App on their smartphonet, select their images, and send them to your PC, where they can be set to auto print, or print on staff relase. You can even customise the graphic on their app to be specific to your company or the function.

Wifi Camera Event Printing

Event print allows multiple wifi cameras and smartphones to send images to the printer/ print folder. It will also run a screen saver on the PC showing the latest 50 photos it has been sent. Ideal for doing Santa photos or weddings and School balls. (The software uses a hot-folder, and any image sent to this folder will be sent to the printer you specify for automatic printing)


You can download the app for Windows Phone®, Apple iOS™ and Android™.  Download it from your Store or scan QR Code and test as a Trial version
Or Scan the QR code alongside


  • A turn-key solution, just plug in the components and you are ready to go.
  • Customisable App for customers to be specific to the event, so the customer's smartphone shows the image and name of the event they are attending
  • You can pre-design custom Overlays: borders or Logos or event names to all photos
  • The customers smartphone will show their photo with the overlay you have created.
  • Different release to print options:
    • All prints done automatically
    • Prints free up to a limit - this can be per user/ per event or per session.
    • all prints must be paid before they print
    • a number (eg 2) prints are free and print automnatically, any more must be paid before released for printing.
    • Prints restricted by timestamp (you force only images taken at the even to be printed and nothing else)
  • EventPrint keeps a comprehensive job database
  • You can wifi your DSLR enabled to Eventprint - great for "Christmass in the mall" Events
  • Smartphone apps for Apple, Android and Windows Devices.
  • Wifi Image upload
  • Compatible with all Windows printers as well as dry Labs.
  • Compatible win XP,Vista, 7, 8 and 10

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