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Released in 2020 the latest commercial Dye Sublimation Printer has been designed with the end user in mind. The front loading option makes paper changes fast and easy. The small footprint of 20cm x 24cm is well less than a A4 sheet of paper, ensures it can fit under counters or into photobooths.

At only 6kg, the QW410 is easily transportable, add in it's lower power consumption, it gives a 28% longer life than the RX1-HS when run off Batteries or a UPS, makes it well suited for outdoor events and shows. By combining the QW410 With the DNP Wireless print server (WPS) you dont even need a PC or Mac to print, ideal for printing directly from WiFi DSLR's, iPads and other smart devices including tablet based photobooth systems



Great for Photobooths

Only 6 kg  Ultra-Portable Printer

The QW410 at 6kg is less than half the weight of most commercial Dye Sublimation Printers, making it easy to move around to different events.

It prints on 4" wide paper (or 4.5"), and does a 2"x4" cut strip, or you can print a standard 6"x4" photo. The media kits have 150 6"x4" prints per roll andare sold in a box containing 2 ribbons and 2 rolls of paper.

Technical Information and Downloads

DNP QW 410 Digital Photo Printer

Feature Specification
Resolution 300x300 dpi
Print Sizes 2"x4" strips, 4"×6", 4×4", 4.5×8", 4.5×4.5"
Finishing Options Glossy, Matte, Partial Matte
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions Width 208mm, Height 198mm, depth 240mm
Available Drivers Windows® 10, 7, 8      Mac® OS-X 10.12, 10,11, 10.10
Buffer Memory 32Mb
Print Method Dye-sublimation thermal transfer
Graduations 256 (8-bit) for each colour CYM

6x4 Media

Prints per roll: 150
Rolls per case: 2
Total prints: 300

4.5x8 Media

Prints per roll: 110
Rolls per case: 2
Total prints: 220

Print Speed

4x6 no Decurling

4x6“ High-speed 19 secs.
4x6” High-Quality 24 secs.

4.5x8 no Decurling

4.5x8” High-speed 24 secs
4.5x8“ High-Quality 30 secs

4x6 with Decurling on

4x6“ High-speed 22 secs
4x6” High-Quality 27 secs. Source Title

4.5x8 with Decurling on

4.5x8” High-speed 27 secs
4.5x8“ High-Quality 33 secs
Paper curl? - not with the QW410

Decurling Photos - Flatter Prints

The QW410 is equipped with an innovative mechanism that reduces the curl of the print, so that even when the paper is tightly wound near the end of the paper roll, the decurling function minimises curling of the photos.
The lay flat printing function will switch on automatically depending on the paper count left on the roll, so you can rest easily and be assured of high quality images.

Loading Paper and Ribbon for the QW410

Passport Photo Printer

The QW410 uses Dye Sublimation printing, making it ideal for printing passport photos. Unlike inkjet / deskjet printers it does not create dots to make the image, which are unacceptable for passports.

Dye sublimation uses heat to idiffuses the ink directly into a special layer of the paper which is then sealed off for protection against UV, fingerprints and water.



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QW410 6x4 media Kits

4"x6" media kits of 300 prints for the QW410

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Print without a PC/MAC & connect to Mirrorbooth type tablet systems

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Biometric Passport software for printing perfect passport photos.

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