Diland Kiosk Production Software

With Mobile Phone to Kiosk App, internet and USB connect

Advanced transfers for Mobile Phones

With over 90% of photos being printed coming from Mobiles, having a number of foolproof methods to transfer images from your customer's phone to your system for printing is essential. Diland software has numerous ways to do these transfers so that even if their phone is outdated you can still have a transfer method.

Social Media downloads

If you are in the Photo Printing business, you already know that most images are stored on the Cloud, and your kiosk needs to enable your customers to retrieve their photos from the cloud, DiLand has full access to the main cloud storage facilities:.

Grow with Demand

Diland has a full range of software to fulfil your needs as they grow, whether it is for just printing photos, collages and multi-up prints, to having a range of Creative options such as photobooks, cards, calendars and the like, There are also options for your own website, as well as for retailers you sell to, to upload their images to your system.

A download for Every Media Type 

Diland Kiosk leaves nothing to chance

Whether using the latest iPhone, windows phone or Android, there is a method for your customers to retrieve their images and print in your store. There is a downloadable app, a website link, airprint, direct USB cable connection,  What's App, all making life easy for your clients, and getting their images printed.      

Customers who store their images on the cloud, can log in and download them directly on the kiosk, Diland Kiosk offers all the main social media links, simple to use and simple to get customers onboard.    

Accept images form practicall any source

Input images to kiosk


  • Mobile Phone App
  • Website upload link
  • Direct cable connection
  • Apple Wifi via Airprint
  • WhatsApp

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Twitter

Traditional camera cards

Connect any camera card, USB drive, DVD/CD source directly to the kiosk.

Image Gallery

The Event's option enables you to pre-load images on the kiosk for events such as School Balls or galleries of images you wish to sell.

Advanced photographic outputs

Upsell your customer to doing more than just printing their photos. With Diland Creative, you have comprehensive outputs to suit your production equiptment. Options include, Posters, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Collages, photo Grids, gifting (such as mugs and T-Shirts), or print canvases on whatever printers you have instore and much more

Compatible Output hardware

With year's of experience in the Photo Kiosk industry, the Diland software connects to practically any printer you use, from Dye Sublimation, to Wet and Dry Minilabs ( Eg frontier C8, Epson and Fuji dry labs, Konica, Agfa, Noritsu) as well as print to folder, windows printer and to print to pdf, all with easy setup configuration options.

Diland internet ordering option

Duplicate your kiosk on your own website

Provide your customers with a website for them to order images from the comfort of their own home, or even when out at events. The Web add-on, is fully controlled by the Diland Creative Server in your businees, making it easy for you to do promotions, or make instant changes as you need to without having to pay web programmers.

The website includes online payment on order, as well as having numerous options for delivery and click and collect, you simply configure it to suit your needs. You can check out a working demo at the DILAND DEMO SITE


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