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Diland Photo Kiosk Software

Advanced transfers for Mobile Phones andTablets

With over 90% of photos being printed coming from Mobiles, having a number of foolproof methods to transfer images from your customer's phone to your system for printing is essential. Diland software has numerous ways to do these transfers so that even if their phone is outdated you can still have a transfer method.

  • Mobile Phone App
  • Website upload link
  • Direct cable connection
  • Apple Wifi via Airprint
  • WhatsApp

Social Media downloads

If you are in the Photo Printing business, you already know that most images are stored on the Cloud, and your kiosk needs to enable your customers to retrieve their photos from the cloud, DiLand has full access to the main cloud storage facilities:

  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • Google Photops
  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Twitter

Customer's simply log into their storage and download the images directly into the kiosk for printing

No Monthly fees

Diland software is licenced per kiosk/PC and does not expire, So there are no monthly charges to use the software, the apps or web transfers. There is an optional updates subscription at a very reasonable price should you wish to purchase an update in the future. The software is sold with the first year's updates included.

Great Features!

  • Print products and channels are easily customizable: passport, borders, contact sheet, cluster, gifts, Photobooks, CDs and DVDs.
  • Automatically send print orders to dye-sub printers, minilabs, networked PCs, photofinishers via ftp or removable storage media.
  • It is possible to load third party frames and graphics to enable creative products like cards, calendars etc.
  • Event photography ordering system with dedicated image sources and price list.
  • Digital signage feature with customizable text, video and images for high impact promotional messages.
  • Initial digital signage screen can be setup with images, video and promotional text messages
  • Load images from social network folders.
  • Image selection and print copy quantity in one step
  • mages can be enhanced and automatically corrected
  • Each image can be adjusted, printed with FIT or FILL option, duplicated or printed in multiple sizes
  • Automatic Red eye correction.
  • Correction for brigtness, shadows and highlights
  • Input options: USB, Camera Card, Android, Apple, Windows Phone, social Networking, Event Printing folders.
  • Output to any windows based printer or Minilab
  • Compatible win 7, 8 and 10
  • Simply fill in your details and send us a quick email, we will send you a direct download to the latest version of the software, and if you like, we can jump on to your PC remotely and install and set it up for you to try
  • Or give us a call on 09 424 1882