Custom Kiosk Design


With over ten years in kiosk manufacture and design, we have the ability to help you create kiosks ideally suited to your project. Our experience can save you hours of reasearch, and provide you with the correct contacts for adding items such as EFTPOS payments, Image recognition technology and VoIP to your units.


Kiosk components vary greatly, and we directly import and supply a sizable selection of specialist components in New Zealand, this includes, industrial keyboards and mouse, Accoustic and Infra Red Touch screens, Industrial PC and Screens, as well as a large range of economical alternatives.



Product and Industrial Design

Our Product Design team follows the latest trends in design process and criteria, to ensure that the final CAD design is suitable for the materials that it's manufacture and operating environment will require, and is ergonomically suitable and friendly to the end user.

Our core design brief is to design units using the latest technology and innovations, whilst providing a robust and reliable system that is as future-proof as possible.