Copal DPB6000 Key Features:
  • 6"x4" and 6"x8" (or 3.5"x5" and 5"x7") on same media
  • Dimensions:  300(W)x 411(H)x 353(D) mm
  • Fast print speed:   between 163 and 450 prints per hour
  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Front Loading
The Copal DPB6000 is the 3rd generation Copal printer, and has a tremendous quality improvement on it's predecessors, the Copal DPB1000, and DPB1500. Being one of the most robust printers in the industry, the Copal continues to be a firm favorite with many kiosk manufacturers and Photo Retailers.
  • Professional and Wedding Studios
  • Theme Park Ride Integration
  • Photographic Kiosks
  • Medical Applications
  • Security Applications
  • Social/Event Photography
Beyond a doubt, the DPB6000 is an industrial strength machine, and Nidec prides itself on using it's 40 years manufacturing experience in the Photo industry to produce fast, compact and very reliable equipment. Print Media is available in 4 sizes, and usually ships in boxes containing two sets per box. Extra paper is provided for use when cleaning and calibrating the system.
print speed ~8s
600 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
print speed ~8s
600 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
print speed ~16s
308 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
print speed ~22s
273 prints per roll
2 Rolls per box
2 rolls per box
Like all Dye Sublimation printers, units should be regularly cleaned to avoid dust accumulation affecting print quality.
Copal DPB6000 Downloads
The DPB6000 connects via USB 2, and drivers are available for most recent versions of Windows.
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