CN1600 Kiosk

Check-in and information Kiosk

The CN1600 has a robust metal base, whilst still retaining the core sleek lines needed for check in kiosks in a lobby or similar. These units are economical, and have the option of a 19", 22" and 26" touch screen.
The Touch screen uses Infra Red technology, and with a 6mm tempered glass overlay protecting the LED panel from damage. Unlike the film based touch screens which are prone to damage from sharp objects this screen is more along the lines of a smartphone touch screen, but with enhanced reliability.

CN1600 Kiosk - Options

The CN1600 has an inbuilt Intel NUC or similar in the base of the stand, and the make and model can be modified to fit your requirements

Options Available

  • STD 22", but 19" and 26" Touch screen options are available.
  • receipt printer on Attachable Tray
  • thermal Label printer on Attachable Tray
  • Magnetic stripe reader
  • Wifi