Duobind Binding Features
This fast binding process uses a permanent double sided adhesive strip (Duostrip) to bond the book block to the cover, a process that takes most operators less than 30 seconds to complete.
  • Photobook book block cannot come apart, even if the book is dropped.
  • Uses the patented DuoStrip.
  • Duostrips can be inlaid in any cover size or style.
  • Suitable for binding Photographic prints from Wet Labs
  • Suitable for binding different paper types and paper weights
  • low start-up expenditure

Quick Book Binding

As simple as peeling back the adhesive tape covers, place the book block, and apply some pressure!

To align the book block we have developed the Duopod, Duobind and Duobind lite, while not essential, they do make aligning the book block a lot easier, and ensure perfect spacing of the block on the cover edges.

Use a flat stapler or stitching machine to create the book block, doing this enables paper of different weights, thicknesses and types to be firmly bound. We reccomend the Duostitch and Duostitch lite.

Peel Back the Left Duostrip Cover
Place the Book Block on the strip
Peel Back the Right Duostrip Cover
Close the book
Apply Pressure
Video of the PhotosLive Binding Process
Click play to view