Photographic Printers

            Suitable for Photobooths
DNP Fotolusio Printers            
Fotolusio RX1 HS
DNP DS-80 and DS820
DNP DS620 Snaplab
HiTi Printers            
Hiti S420
HiTi P310W
HiTi P520
HiTi P510
Kodak Printers            
Kodak 305
Kodak 6800 / 6850
Kodak 7000
Mitsubishi Printers            
Mitsubishi D70 and D707
Mitsubishi CP 9550 DW
Mitsubishi CP 9800 DW
Mitsubishi CK 60
Epson Dry Lab            
Surelab D700
Sony Printers            
Sony UPDR 200
Sony UPDR 150
Sony UPCR 200 Snaplab
Sony UPX1 Snaplab
Other Printers            
Copal DPB 1000 1500
Copal DPB 6000
Copal DPB 7000